Persian Style Rice Recipe | Berenje Kateh | How to make Persian rice |
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Persian Style Rice – Berenje Kateh

Berenj-e Kateh – This Persian style rice recipe is quick and easy

This way of preparing Persian style rice is very easy and it goes perfectly with most Persian dishes.

Persian Style Rice Recipe | Berenje Kateh | How to make Persian rice |

In Persian cuisine there are different ways to prepare rice. Rice Kateh style is probably the easiest way and great to start your Persian cooking journey with. It’s also quick to prepare, making it ideal for everyday meals. It is healthier than the fluffy, pretty Persian rice you might know from restaurants, because all the nutrients stay in the rice, whereas with Aabkesh rice many of them get flushed away in the preparation process. However if you want to impress your guests might want to try Aabkesh style rice.

Time: 40 min

Ingredients (serving 2 people):
200g basmati rice
570 ml water
1/4 tsp ground saffron
1 tbsp ghee


1. Transfer the rice in a small pan and wash it. Rinse it with water until the water runs clear.
2. Add 570 ml water to the rice. Another rule of thumb is to touch the surface of the rice with your index finger and add enough water until your fingertip is covered.
3. Add a generous amount of salt to the pan (I use approximately 1/2 tsp) and put it on medium to high temperature until the water starts boiling.
4. While the rice is cooking prepare the saffron. Transfer the ground saffron into a glass, add a little freshly boiled water to it and stir. Keep it in a warm place to brew.
Dissolving saffron in hot water | Persian style rice recipe |
5. Once the water is boiling lower the heat to medium. Now you can add the ghee to the pan and stir it in. Once the water has almost completely evaporated and you can see holes building between the rice lower the temperature to low heat and put on the lid. Cover the lid with a clean kitchen towel to make sure all access moisture gets soaked up.
6. From the point you put the lid on, leave the pan on a low heat for 20 to 30 minutes. The longer you leave it on the stove the crispier the outside becomes. In Farsi the crispy top layer is referred to as tadik.
7. Serve the rice crispy side up on a plate and pour the dissolved saffron over it.
Persian Style Rice Recipe | Berenje Kateh | How to make Persian rice |
Do you need inspiration on what to eat with this Persian style rice? Take a look at my Persian stew recipes. I hope you enjoyed this recipe! Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think in the comments.





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