Chop onions like a pro
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How to chop onions like a pro!

Wanna learn how to chop onions like a pro? It’s super easy! In this video I show you how to finely chop an onion the quick, safe and efficient way.

When you chop onions it’s important not to cut off the root part because it prevents the onion from falling apart when cutting it. Also the onion bleeds less which means you won’t cry as much. Nevertheless I like to put on onion goggles if I have to chop more than one. I just love little gadgets like this that make life easier for us! After peeling the onion make sure to give it a quick rinse and also rinse your knife to avoid any contamination. Another important trick is to hold the onion with your fingers bent when chopping it. This will make it less likely for you to hurt your fingertips.

In Farsi we refer to finely chopped onions as piaaz-e negini which translates to ‘diamond like onion’. I guess that’s because the small pieces are the size of little diamonds. Such a glamorous way to describe onions! They truly do deserve the title because they are a key ingredient of so many Persian dishes, and of countless recipes from around the world of course. The smell of frying onions alone makes us hungry and it does make many of our dishes as delicious as they are.

Now what to cook with your perfectly chopped onions? There are endless options but why not try one of my Persian stews?

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What are you going to cook with your chopped onions? I’d love to know! Also feel free to comment with any questions you might have!

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