Hello there connoisseur of good food, welcome to my blog and thank you for stopping by!

My name is Hami and I love cooking, eating, and sharing my passion about good food with like-minded people like you.

I live in the beautiful city of London, in England but I’m originally from Iran, where most of my recipes come from. I always have been and still am incredibly happy to be living here. The only thing I used to miss, except my family, when I first came here was the food from home. I know there are countless Iranian restaurants in London, but let me tell you: I have yet to find a place where it tastes like my maman’s food. You know, when I was living in Iran I didn’t really cook for myself. I did an apprenticeship as a chef and occasionally cooked in our family’s restaurant but I was spoiled because my maman is an incredible cook. The whole family enjoyed her delicious meals and it wasn’t really necessary for me to get into home cooking. Even when I studied in a different city she would give me care packages with frozen meals made by her in advance, bless her. ‘Spoiled brat’ you might think but if you’re Iranian you know all Iranian mums are like this, I’m not a unique case.

Maman | I got it from my Maman

My source of knowledge: Maman

Anyway fast forward to when I first arrived in England I went to college for a year and completed several courses in catering and hospitality. I learned a great deal about British and European cooking, and how to stay organised in the kitchen. Even though I was grateful for everything I had learned, I still missed Maman’s food. I realised, if I want to enjoy it on a regular basis, I need to make it myself. The need for delicious food became even more urgent when I met my now wife Stella and I wanted her to enjoy the pleasure of an amazing home cooked Persian meal. Thankfully she is a foodie like me, or shikamoo as we say in Farsi and she appreciates the Persian cuisine. And so every time I was craving a certain dish I called my maman and got her instructions on how to make it. So far I nailed it every time, if I may say so myself. Seems like I got it from my Maman.

This year Stella said to me, you should share your recipes with the world and I was totally up for it. If I inspire only one person to make a Persian recipe, or maybe help a fellow Iranian immigrant to bring the tastes of home on their plate, it’s 100% worth it.

On my blog you find classic Iranian recipes as well as my favourites from around the world. The only thing you need to know about Persian cooking before you get started is: It takes a lot of time, care and patience. It’s not something to cook in half an hour on a week night after an exhausting day at work. But that’s when my international recipes might be for you. And when it comes to Persian food. You can always prepare more and freeze part of it for later. That’s what I do and let me tell you, nothing is better than when you don’t have any energy left to do anything and you have a big portion of Ghormeh Sabzi in the freezer that just needs heating up.

I hope you enjoy my recipes ! If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, feel free to send me an email. Also subscribe to Maman’s Recipe Mail to get weekly notifications of new recipes on the blog!