Extremely Cheesy Persian Pizza
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Persian Pizza

There are quite a few dishes from around the world that we Iranians “persianised” so to speak; and pizza is one of them! Our spin on this Italian dish from Heaven involves lots of different ham, Persian sausages, veggies, and loaaads of cheese.

Persian Pizza

I’m simply going to share with you my recipe for the dough. When it comes to the topping, it’s entirely up to you what to put on it. Usually the ham and sausages are made from beef, and/or chicken but of course you can use any ham you like.

You can watch my little video here to get some inspiration on what to put on your Persian pizza:

Recipe for the dough

Ingredients (for 2 small trays / serving 8)

500g strong flour (3 3/4 cups)

Up to 500ml water (2 1/4 cups)

7g dry yeast (1 sachet/1 tbsp)



  1. Build a heap with the flour and form a mould in the middle. Sprinkle the dry yeast in the mould.
  2. Pour some lukewarm water on top (1 part boiled, 2 parts cold). Stir the water and yeast in the mould with a teaspoon to combine the two. Some of the flour will also be mixed into it. Leave it for a bit and add some salt to the flour around the mould.
  3. Then add some more lukewarm water and start combing all of the flour with the water until it forms a dough that can be kneaded.
  4. If the dough is too crumbly add more water, if it sticks to your fingers add more flour. Knead the dough for about 5 min until it’s flexible and its surface soft.
  5. Transfer it into a floured bowl and cover it with a clean kitchen towel. Let it prove in a warm place for 45 min.
  6. Knead it again for a few minutes and let it prove again for another 45 minutes.
  7. Divide it into two parts and roll each of them out. It should be enough for two small trays. The dough shouldn’t be too thin, keep it about 0.5 cm thick.

Add toppings and bake your Persian pizza

  1. Now you can add your favourite toppings! For Persian pizza I simply use tomato ketchup instead of sauce, but not too much so the dough doesn’t become soggy.
  2. Once you added all your toppings bake your pizzas at 200 degrees C / 400 F / Gas mark 6 for 40 minutes. They need this much time to ensure the dough bakes through, despite the thick layer of toppings. Think of it more as lasagna. Towards the end you might need to cover the top with kitchen foil to prevent it from burning.
Pizza - The Persian way

Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoyed this recipe! Comment below with any questions you might have and also let me know if you tried it! What did you put on your pizza? I’d love to know!

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